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Privacy Policy

Last updated on 09 Jan 2024

This agreement is made between Bypatrol LLC (“Bypatrol”, “We”, “Us”) and users of our services.

How and why we store End Users’ data

No data is currently stored by our extension nor our websites. Updates to this privacy policy will be made when this model changes. Future updates may include the collection of student emails for analytics for district administrators only.

We only store minimal data in Google Analytics from our Chrome extension. A single ping to Google Analytics is sent for installations of the extension. This ping includes IP addresses and the user’s email domain (if the user’s email was john.doe@district.com, only district.com is sent, we do not store email usernames). No specific student identifiers are sent. This is only used by us to roughly monitor usage of our extension for better communication with districts. Our extension abides to the Chrome Web Store policies and is carefully inspected upon updates.

By joining the mailing list, Admins agree to be sent update emails regarding urgent and recommended fixes for the Bypatrol Policy Guide. These emails can be muted or blocked using your email provider if you wish.

We use Google Analytics on our homepage (www.bypatrol.com) and Policy Guide (policyguide.bypatrol.com) to see accurate information about who is visiting our webpages. This data will be seen only by us and is used in the interest of marketing and growing our brand. The data is stored in cookies and may include:

If you wish to no longer have this data collected, you can download Google’s Analytics Opt-out Add-on. Google’s Privacy Policy also applies when we work with Google Analytics.

How we work with third parties

We do not work with third parties at this time, nor do we plan to in the future.