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Secure your Chromebooks with Bypatrol

Bypatrol detects and stops exploits on school Chromebooks.


Extension Capabilities

Bypatrol is a Chromebook extension that prevents the exploits your filtering extension doesn't, at no additional cost.

Web Proxy Detection

No more playing cat and mouse with proxies and their clones. Bypatrol automatically blocks new and existing proxy sites using a dynamic system.

Webview Detection

Prevent students from launching an unrestricted browser inside educational apps.

Privacy Focused

Bypatrol runs offline and does not collect any student data.

Works With Any Filtering Extension

Bypatrol is compatible with any filtering extension—it's an add-on, not an alternative.

Updated Frequently

Bypatrol updates regularly to prevent the newest exploits, so you don't have to keep track.

More Coming Soon

Bypatrol is in beta. Signup for our mailing list to stay updated.

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Fortify Your Chromebooks in Just Two Steps

Setting up Bypatrol is easy, and combined with our policy guide—a free guide on Google Admin Console best practices—your Chromebooks can stay exploit-free.

  • Five minute setup
  • Be confident in your Chromebook configuration
  • Completely free
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Coming Soon

Monitor Your Chromebooks with Advanced Analytics

Harness the power of Bypatrol's dashboard to monitor your Chromebooks and understand which exploits are affecting your district the most.

  • Track all instances of exploit use
  • Identify students who are frequently utilizing exploits
  • Resolve permanent exploits

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